Nine Yards

A premium Swedish haircare brand. Our desire is to give the hair of the haircare industry a little shaking. At heart of Nine Yards lies an idea - that if we worry less about fitting in, perhaps we can do more that stands out. It’s a look and an outlook. So we’ve created a product that challenges the expected, to help inspire the free thinkers, the straight, the wavy, the curly, the squares in the round holes - to do their thing.

It’s taken 5 years and an uncountable number of (human) tests and samples to create a range of products that have reached an ideal balance between functionality and natural ingredients. The products have been created for professional use with meticulous consideration to ingredients for optimised function. From the bottle to the function, no shortcuts have been taken to challenge to expected.

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Go Large // Volume Mousse

Volume boosting styling mousse with flexible fullness and hold, leaving the hair natural yet controlled.

$58.15 incl tax

Hair Down // Anti-Frizz Cream

Smoothing anti-frizz cream that tames flyaways whilst adding nourishment and shine.

$58.15 incl tax

Hands On // Texturizing Spray

Matte texturizing spray that creates volume and light hold in all lengths and types of hair. Perfect to create structure or give support when making updos and braids..

$58.15 incl tax

On The Go // Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo designed to clean and add texture to create a shampoo-styling combination. Great lift for fine hair giving a thicker look and feel.

$58.15 incl tax

Play Hard // Dry Matte Wax

A dry texturizing wax with a flexible hold in short to medium length hair. Provides a matte finish and is suitable for all hair types.

$58.15 incl tax

Twist N Shout // Curl Revival Cream

A lightweight cream that functions as a styling and caring product for a full curl comeback.

$58.15 incl tax