We are Free From. Are you?

At ANTI we stand proudly against animal cruelty with completely Vegan formulas. Unlike a lot of professional haircare brands, ANTI is performance driven while standing by core vegan and sustainability principles – we make it less about us and more about your values as an individual.

We take our sustainability values seriously, here’s why?

Many vegan shampoos can reverse hair damage and nourish the scalp, preventing problems such as dry scalp and dandruff, whilst stimulating hair growth - hence our search for the best and sustainable formulas. In fact, finding truly ethical haircare brands is a bit like washing your hair after camping for a week… it takes a few rounds of scrubbing to see through the grease and grime, but at ANTI, we did the dirty work before launching our first professional product back in 2018 with a Leaping Bunny approved completely vegan formula.

For a beauty product to be vegan, it must not use or contain any animal-derived ingredients. Some common animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients include honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, carmine and gelatin.

“Cruelty in any form is not needed in our world and we solidly stand against it. Why do we see cruelty to each other, cruelty to the planet and to animals? Is it our obsession with so called ‘advancement’ or simply our fear to make big changes. At ANTI from day one we have set clear vegan values as a collective,” said ANTI collective founder Francesco Ruggerino. 

“We took a position of responsibility here in support of the planet and our ecosystem. Typically in haircare, animals are used to test on but as part of our promise, we are a completely ethical brand that is vegan & proudly cruelty free. All of our products are certified by ‘Leaping Bunny’.

Let’s join together in working towards ending animal testing and animal cruelty once and for all,” Francesco said.

It starts with awareness.

To empower complete change, first we must bring awareness to ending animal cruelty around animal testing. A short film has recently been created by Taika Waititi. This film touches on the key messages we as a brand believe we need to raise awareness on.

At ANTI we have zero tolerance for animal testing and animal harm. These are our sustainable values as a brand we stand by;


Product free from ingredients that are considered harmful to the user, animals or not environmentally sustainable.


Product made of materials with lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives


Our products are made with partners and in a way that is associated with a lower environmental impact than other alternatives.


Product is made using non-animal by products or using methods that are associated with good animal welfare.


Product is made using methods and values associated with positive community benefit, including donations and like-minded causes.

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